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Raft Survival: Ultimate

Raft Survival: Ultimate

Version: 6.3.0
Size: 39M
Author: VADE
Language: English
Rating: 4.2
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Raft Survival: Ultimate Review

Raft Survival: Ultimate is a simulation game. It tests your ability to survive numerous life challenges in the shape of various threats: from weather conditions to wild animals inhabiting the area. The game is a great opportunity to throw a player somewhere in the middle of the ocean, trying to find ways to survive and escape or at least live in safety by creating a habitable atmosphere and conditions. It is crucial to watch out for sharks and other enemies.

Apple users will need iOS version 8.0 or up to play on iPhone, iPod, or iPad. As to the Android devices, they require version 4.1 or later to run Raft Survival: Ultimate.

Features and Functions

The main hero of Raft Survival Ultimate is a brave seagoer, shipwrecked at an unknown location somewhere in the middle of a vast ocean. The game throws you into an epic adventure where the primary goal is to survive the battle against numerous threats and stay alive. You should also collect resources and construct a floating house that will keep you protected from external dangers. Apart from hunger, the user will have to resist various types of life-threatening creatures like sharks and the rest of predators. They can end the player’s adventure at any moment, so you should be really careful and attentive to details. 

The exciting features of Raft Survival: Ultimate include:

  • Grab the floating items and use them properly;
  • Search the island and get food (by hunting wild animals, etc.);
  • Craft equipment, tools, and other objects necessary to survive the game;
  • Construct and extend your safe house – from debris to a floating fortress;
  • Defend the built contraptions from the risks of the location and the ocean around;
  • Special weapons like a gun to help scare off the sharks and other predators;
  • The unexpected thunderstorm that can show up randomly, in most cases at night;
  • High risk to die at any moment.

The crafting system along with the monster variation is, perhaps, the best features of Raft Survival: Ultimate. 


Raft Survival Ultimate has 3-Dimensional graphics of mediocre quality. The hardware that mobile devices have today makes it possible to enjoy an even more realistic picture. The design is, however, a minor matter.

Perhaps the developers were going for broader accessibility. The good thing is that drawing and pleasant lighting do not make the eyes tired over a short period of time. The exciting gameplay makes you forget about the graphical shortcomings. The soundtrack consists of the pleasant tunes. It is easy to turn on/off the music and sounds in the settings menu and adjust some other options.


Among the obvious pros of Raft Survival: Ultimate are numerous opportunities for construction, four types of weapons to craft in order to hunt, deep crafting system, unusual yet exciting gameplay and plot, and a great variety of fierce animals to battle. At the same time, the game has medium-quality graphics that might disappoint some players. Also, you should be patient enough to sit through plenty of pop-ups with annoying ads.

Players that are sick and tired of the classic craft games might enjoy Raft Survival: Ultimate. The developers do not forget about their brainchild, periodically updating the game.

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